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LeapFrog My Pal Violet

LeapFrog My
LeapFrog My Pal Violet
by LeapFrog
4.5 out of 5 stars(162)

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Now with embroidered paws! Give learning a personal touch with this soft, cuddly purple puppy named Violet! Violet connects to the computer so you can customize the music and personalize the learning with your child's name and favorite food, animal and color. Violet comes with 5 pre-loaded songs, or you can select and download your choice of learning tunes and lullabies from an online list of 30 songs.* Press a paw to play music, learning songs or games! Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog® Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning.

*Internet connection required to personalize Violet with your child's name and favorite items or to change songs.

Learning Skills:
- First words
- Daily routines
- Early number sense
- Feelings and emotions
- AnimalsThe LeapFrog My Pal Violet is an interactive companion that helps children learn with an entertaining twist. Recommended for ages six months to three years, the cuddly Pal Violet's music, lights, and singsong voice appeals to kids whether they are barely crawling or talking in complete sentences. As an added feature, you can personalize the toy to match your child's preferences through the LeapFrog Connect application simply by connecting the My Pal Violet to a computer with the USB cable (included).

My Pal Violet
    Ages: 6 to 36 months

  • 3 "AAA" batteries (included)
What We Think
Fun factor:
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Novelty factor:

The Good: Interactive toy can be personalized to your child's preferences.

The Challenging: You'll need to use a computer to access new melodies and print activity sheets.

In a Nutshell: An entertaining companion for kids from infant to toddler stage.

An ideal companion for a young child, My Pal Scott sings, talks, and can even learn your child's name. View larger.

Using the doll's USB port, you can personalize Scott to suit your child's preferences. View larger.

Soft Material with Bright Colors and Pleasing Voice
My Pal Violet, with its plush fabric and colorful puppy design, is appealing to children. The voice of Violet, a playful and upbeat young girl's, is fun and engaging for growing minds. Infants are also attracted to the name tag that lights up when Violet speaks or plays music. The name tag is made of durable plastic, and the new model features paws with embroidered symbols instead of decals so there are no removable pieces on the toy's exterior.

Your child can chew on this sturdy toy's ears or toss it around. My Pal Violet is light enough for even the youngest child to hold and carry. The handy Velcro closure keeps the battery compartment, USB port, and power/volume switch securely inside the toy. The switch has three settings: normal volume, quiet volume, and master off. In the "master off" mode, Violet will not operate when the paws are pressed, so only parents will be able to turn the toy back on. My Pal Violet's speakers are also inside the toy and provide balanced sound.

Advice for parents: when My Pal Violet starts to sound distorted, parents will need a screwdriver to open the battery compartment and change the 3 "AAA" batteries.

Music, Words, and Lullabies
Each paw on My Pal Violet is embroidered with a different symbol that, when pressed, turns on a special feature. The right arm paw with a ball symbol provides snappy sentences designed to help your child learn different emotions, colors, and words. The left arm paw features music notes; when pressed you hear a 15-second, upbeat song. The songs rotate randomly and include seven vocal songs to teach skills and three fun instrumental tunes.

Younger infants will be attracted to the melodies, while older toddlers can sing along. The right foot has a stars/moon symbol for five different selections of soothing music for naps or bedtime. Press it once for two minutes of music, or press it twice for five minutes of songs. If your child wants a little extra time with My Pal Violet before falling asleep, you can press the paw three times to hear ten minutes of music.

Parents can use the songs that come pre-loaded on My Pal Violet or change the songs by connecting to the LeapFrog Connect application. It's easy to turn off My Pal Violet by simply pressing the left foot's on/off switch; push any of the other paws to resume play mode. Personalize for Your Child
A special feature of My Pal Violet is the ability to customize your child's experience. The instruction booklet will guide you through the easy process to connect My Pal Violet to a computer with the USB cord and download the LeapFrog Connect application. All it takes is 25 megabytes of free space on your computer and about 15 minutes to personalize the toy with your child's preferences. You'll be able to search for your child's name among a database of thousands. When selected, My Pal Violet will use your child's name in phrases such as "I love you" and incorporate his/her name into songs.

The application also allows you to choose your child's favorite color, animal, and food to personalize Violet's phrases to your child's favorite things. There's a resource section for printing activity sheets that your toddler will enjoy. Also, you can switch up the songs and lullabies so they're constantly fresh and different. The database is updated regularly with new songs.

The only drawback: if your child has a very uncommon name, there's a slim chance that it will not be in the LeapFrog database. However, you can choose one of many nicknames that you may call your child, such as "Munchkin" or "Peanut."

What's in the Box
One My Pal Violet toy, three "AAA" batteries, one USB cable, Quick Connect Guide and Parent Instructions booklet.

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